Message from the Principal Musical Director

Dark Peak Music@Home

Dear Players and Parents and Friends,

I hope you are keeping well in these difficult times.  Dark Peak Music is a positive and forward looking organisation and we are determined to do what we can to support people as they deal with the challenges that this epidemic is bringing. 

We don’t know when we will be able to play again in our bands, orchestras and ensembles. It may not be before September, although we can remain hopeful that things may resume sooner than that. We know that you will all be sad to not be able to meet friends and play together for some time. I for one am already missing the company of a slightly bonkers, but brilliant bunch of young people armed with musical instruments.

It is so important that you continue to enjoy developing your playing ready for when we are all back together in groups and there is lots we can do to keep each other engaged. I wanted to let you know that our amazing team of professional musicians have stepped right up to the challenge, developing some great ideas to keep us all enjoying playing. 

The first idea is to transform our Facebook page into a hive of musical activity which we are calling Dark Peak Music@Home. 

  • Through this we are going to host a range of activities including a Virtual Concert Hall featuring all our wonderful young musicians. Put those phones and iPads to good use recording your favourite tunes, share them on the Virtual Concert Hall and get all your friends and relatives to join our Facebook Page to make it a busy and exciting musical hub. 
  • We will also post weekly performances from our ensembles over the years, including some of the great performances of the Concert Band on its international tours. 
  • As well as performances we will be posting Musical Games and Activities for younger children from our Supertonics leader Emma, and silly songs and games for the whole family from our Chinley Junior Band leader Rosie.
  • Carl Raven will also be organising Online Sessions for Big Band Players – open to anyone who would like to get involved.
  • Theory lessons with Hephzibah will also continue by email and online. Hephzibah will contact you directly about how this will work.
  • I can feel a KAZOO orchestra coming on – it would probably hit the national news!

If you have any ideas to contribute, please email me. There is plenty more we can be doing. 

So our message to all our members and supporters is get involved and let’s make the Dark Peak Page a hub for students, parents, grandparents and friends.  A PRIZE FOR THE FIRST PERSON TO GET A VIDEO OF THEIR PERFORMANCE UP 😊

At a time like this we must remember that music is more than just a pastime or a trivial entertainment. As a musician you have the power to inspire, motivate and uplift other people.  If people around you are isolated or lonely and need cheering up, play them one of your favourite tunes to lift their spirits. Play it with your all your heart, and don’t worry if it isn’t perfect – it will be a real gift for them. In the words of the esteemed educator Paul Harris “Performing is an act of giving. If you play with commitment and generosity at any level, everyone is better for it.”       

Safeguarding point:  The Facebook Page is an open page but is carefully monitored by the Trustees. All posts should be uploaded on parents’ accounts and do not put up any surnames of performers, phone numbers, email addresses or any other personal data.  We will review the ‘open’ status regularly to ensure we are all kept safe.

We have a real chance to do something wonderful together now, so  let’s act together and make Dark Peak Music@Home a real success! 

With very best wishes. 

Jeff and all the Trustees and Ensemble Directors