Message from the Trustees

Re: Coronavirus epidemic

Dear Players, Parents and Dark Peak Tutors,

Coronavirus Advice

The government today has given further advice and guidance on the Covid-19 pandemic as the response moves from the ‘containment’ phase to ‘delay’, so I thought it appropriate to update our guidance note accordingly. 

NHS advice to be found on  is now consistent with our earlier position: 

Stay at home for 7 days if you have either a high temperature or a new continuous cough.

So, clearly, we would not expect anyone with these symptoms to attend any of our events.

There is no guidance at present from government to cancel any kind of gatherings, so rehearsals and classes should continue as planned, until different  guidance comes out.

However, if any local schools should be closed due to infection, then I think we should cancel our activities given the wide catchment area we have

I would re-iterate the previous advice, although I am sure everyone is aware of it: 

  • Avoid unnecessary contact.
  • Wash hands regularly and at the start of each session.
  • Do not share instruments

Instrument specific advice:

  • Be careful when emptying water from brass instruments. 
  • Flute players be careful not to direct the air flow towards others.

In addition we will not be providing biscuits and drinks at rehearsals. Student should bring their own water bottles if necessary. 

Please remember that Coronavirus is a changing situation and we will of course monitor developments, and consider how we, as an organisation, should react.

We will continue to follow the DfE and NHS websites and news channels and provide further general advice where relevant and appropriate.

Any thoughts from parents or tutors are most welcomed.

Should anyone be concerned about a pupil with whom they work or play, they should immediately refer their concern to their school, or parent if an individual lesson.

With thanks and best wishes.

Andy Zuntz


Dark Peak Music Foundation